One simple, integrated solution

Technology has developed so fast that the sheer number of communication tools available is enough to overwhelm any employee or IT team. ANTENNA’s Collaboration solutions will consolidate your department’s communications channels into one simple, integrated solution.

ANTENNA solutions give you the ability to set up teams who can collaborate seamlessly on any device, from anywhere.

Benefits of ANTENNA Collaboration


Secure, reliable, cost-effective
communications & collaboration

Central Government departments can now use Teams to drive increased collaboration within and between departments; combined with the advanced enterprise telephony features, contact centre capabilities, and global support and reliability of ANTENNA.

Fully integrated conferencing capabilities

Many government departments have multiple different solutions for different types of conferencing. They might have an audio conferencing service that they use to support large meetings, they typically have a web conferencing application that they use for webinars with screen and application sharing, they might have a separate infrastructure for video conferencing room systems, and yet another system or service for streaming large scale events. These all might be called unified communications, but it’s not particularly unified in any way – and all these separate solutions don’t necessarily work well together. ANTENNA brings everything together.

Analytics, Adoption and Alerting

Monitor activity and present data: intuitive analytics enables you to access data the way you need it; gain insights into adoption, costs, billing, performance, capacity and usage.

Measure how your Unified Comms and Collaboration tools are utilised: observe users across multiple services highlighting areas for further adoption; measure engagement to calculate the ROI of your UC tools.

Monitor activity and notify exceptions: schedule alerts for toll fraud, malicious activity and security breaches.

ANTENNA Analytics provides you with the insight to fully capitalise on your Unified Communication and Collaboration investments.

Features and functionality

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