Our Purpose

Always resilient, reliable and highly secure, ANTENNA has evolved from a shared communications, collaboration and contact centre service for Central Government, into a secure cloud platform for all organisations providing critical services to UK citizens. Offering a full range of market leading solutions, including networking, connectivity, cybersecurity, contact centre and citizen experience solutions, ANTENNA helps organisations digitally transform themselves safely and securely.

Tackling Today’s Barriers to Digital Maturity

ANTENNA was designed, built and enhanced to help address many of the digital, data, networking, cybersecurity and cloud challenges facing central government, public sector and high trust CNI organisations across the UK.

Use Data Better

How do CNI organisations facilitate better data sharing, while complying with regulations, so that more informed data-led decisions can be made? How do we use the latest tools to improve digital services?

Keep Up with Technology

How do we keep up with the pace of technology innovation while ensuring security and reliability? How do we stay one step ahead of our adversaries?

Become Citizen Centric

How will we make high trust organisations more efficient? How do we deliver services that have a real impact on people’s lives while driving value for money for citizens?

Plan a Technology Roadmap

How do we move from legacy systems to the latest, energy efficient cloud solutions while saving money? How do we drive user adoption to fully utilise our investment?

Cybersecurity and Networking

How do we allow employees to work remotely in the hybrid working environment with today’s cyber threats? How do we develop the right cyber security skills, knowledge and culture?

Address the Skills Gap

How do we upskill enough employees to overcome the skills shortage quickly? How do we address a lack of digital maturity among CNI organisations while maintaining resilient, reliable, secure services?


Better Outcomes for Citizens

ANTENNA’s outcome-focused CX function uses detailed analysis and data diagnosis led by a team of sector-leading experts to ensure CNI targets and citizen expectations can be met using the latest market leading, fully secure solutions.

Market Leading, Agile Solutions

ANTENNA works with the world’s leading technology vendors, ensuring that the best, most innovative, solution is delivered and tailor-made for your organisation.

Better Data to Power Decision Making

CNI organisations are under pressure to make better use of data and far more effective data sharing. ANTENNA’s secure shared cloud service enables better data sharing and collaboration between teams. ANTENNA’s outcome-focused evergreen CX approach delivers continual data-led improvements to maximise benefits and outcomes for employers and citizens.

Secure, Efficient and Sustainable Technology

Many public sector bodies are strategically committed to “buy once, use many times” technology, with services expected to be compliant with a Secure by Design approach. ANTENNA’s technology is designated as Critical National Infrastructure and is therefore tested annually for resilience. It’s hosted in highly secure, energy efficient data centres with a focus on sustainability. ANTENNA’s legacy transition expertise reduces unnecessary waste and provides a technology roadmap to cloud.

Digital Skills at Scale

A significant challenge is the need to address years of siloed development which have led to varying levels of digital maturity across government and within CNI organisations, and a skills gap caused by the Great Resignation after the pandemic. ANTENNA helps bridge the skills gap with our Managed Security Services and 24:7:365 Security Operations Centre, offering unrivalled digital, cybersecurity and engineering expertise round the clock.

Hybrid Ways of Working

The Government’s Cyber Security Strategy recognises that the need for cyber resilience was exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic which fundamentally changed how we all work, with hybrid working becoming the norm. ANTENNA is Secure by Design, designated as Critical National Infrastructure and tested annually for resilience, with networks, systems, applications and end points all constantly monitored.

Rapidly Evolving Technology

ANTENNA allows CNI organisations to procure the very latest technology in a less risky manner, with shared costs and collaborative tools, while providing value for money by sharing the burden of advancements in technology. Security updates and enhancements emerge regularly but with ANTENNA there’s no need for costly redevelopment. Shared services mean reduced outlay, while easily added applications and features help improve service delivery for citizens and employees.