Security and Control of Data is Fundamental
to the Safety and Security of UK Society

ANTENNA helps CNI providers understand their current security posture. Our cybersecurity experts help you comply with the relevant regulatory requirements and protect against cyberattacks; reducing vulnerabilities, boosting resilience and safeguarding the provision of services.

The ANTENNA platform is built to the highest security standards. We leverage cutting-edge technologies, intelligent automation, and advanced analytics, matched with our industry leading cybersecurity experts to help providers of critical services protect themselves from the ever-evolving cybersecurity threat.

We work collaboratively with customers to understand their current capabilities, diagnose a plan of action to remediate any existing vulnerabilities and then provide managed security services to ensure they remain secure.




It is essential that any organisation using technology today understands their cyber risk and their ability to handle a cyber-attack should the worst happen. For providers of critical services this is even more crucial. Our consultative approach creates a benchmark of your current security strengths and weaknesses. This allows us to prioritise areas for attention in line with organisational goals and priorities, overlayed with risk analysis. Approaching cybersecurity not just as technical issue, our methodology revolves around three key elements, people, process and technology.

With a clear understanding of your current state of cyber-readiness, Protect provides a technology roadmap to remediate and enhance your security posture. With next-generation, virtual, cloud and endpoint protection integrating into local and remote network devices, our solutions include Security Access Service Edge (SASE) to secure applications and services, advanced Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and Mail protection wherever the network is accessed, so that however the perimeter moves, you are safe and secure.

No matter what technology solutions you have in place, there is always a risk that an attacker gets through. With Defend our team of experienced cybersecurity professionals works in unison with your organisation, utilising advanced tools and methodologies to swiftly detect, analyse, and mitigate threats. Powered by market-leading technology, our state-of-the-art Security Operations Centre provides UK-based, round-the-clock monitoring, incident response, and threat intelligence services delivered by SC and DV cleared engineers. We augment your existing capabilities, ensuring a seamless integration that optimises your cybersecurity posture.

ANTENNA Cybersecurity

At ANTENNA, we help organisations on their cybersecurity journey, from data-driven validation of vulnerabilities to honeypots keeping malicious actors away from the network and sensitive data. Whether you have an incumbent SecOps team and cyber maturity or want to improve your cyber posture, we can help.

Our People are the Difference.

Technology is only part of the solution. Human intelligence plays a pivotal role in understanding and delivering the right security levels. Our team of SC & DV cleared security specialists, including threat hunters who are experts in testing resilience and defences, work 24/7 to protect your organisation.

24/7 Security Operations Centre

Your security needs to provide defences 24/7/365. Having the resources and expertise to deliver around the clock is a challenge for most organisations. Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) offers just that, utilising cutting-edge technology manned by UK-based, security cleared experts who continuously monitor, protect, and remediate threats to your network.

A range of Managed Security Options

Effective cybersecurity requires a layered approach consisting of many elements that seamlessly work together to provide the right levels of support. From SIEM to Endpoint, our managed security solutions allow you to tailor the solutions needed to boost and support your security and teams, where and when needed.

Secure Cloud for the Digital Age

Our highly secure ANTENNA platform is built to the highest security standards and heavily audited, so customers can be assured that their applications and infrastructure are secure, highly available, and the data is safe.

Creating a Culture of Security

Cyber defences are only as strong as your weakest link, and it is commonly accepted that humans are the chink in the armour. We offer a range of cyber awareness training that can educate staff and develop a culture of security in employees across the organisation, boosting defences significantly.

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