Supporting Critical Infrastructure

Critical national infrastructure (CNI) comprises the most important systems in the UK today. For those sectors where reliability, availability and security of the services they provide is critical; ANTENNA Secure Infrastructure delivers the next generation of networking to support the provision of these services.

Whether it is supporting a distributed workforce, guaranteeing the uptime and reliability of services to citizens or providing high-speed, low latency connectivity, Secure Infrastructure from ANTENNA supports those organisations for whom reliability and availability are literally a matter of life or death.

Whether you are looking to refresh legacy architecture, implement SD-WAN or transition to a secure cloud environment we have the experience, expertise and skills to help.




Connectivity is at the heart of any network, and we provide super-fast, secure, and adaptable connectivity to build a reliable foundation for your network. Whether you a looking for dedicated leased lines, MPLS or FTTP we have a solution that can be tailored to your organisational needs.

ANTENNA’s expertise is in supporting some of the most critical and secure networks in the UK. Our teams use data insight, outcomes and their wealth of experience to build the right network solutions around your goals, business applications and security needs. Whether looking at cloud adoption, migrating legacy on-premise solutions or implementing SD-WAN, you can trust ANTENNA to deliver the right result.

Secure by Design, the ANTENNA network architecture and managed services provide the highest level of protection from cyberattacks. Whether you are looking for help in ensuring Quality of Service (QoS) or support from our specialist Security Operations Centre (SOC), you can rely on us to ensure your network is safe and secure.

ANTENNA Solutions

With the convergence of IT and communications, the network needs to handle multiple applications and data sources efficiently. Quality of services, availability and low latency has never been so important, and our team ensures that any solution has the capacity to deliver what is needed. We have extensive experience delivering cutting-edge solutions and migrating legacy networks to provide new agile, scalable, and secure working methods.

Network as a Service (NaaS)

When it comes to investment in the network many organisations want the benefits of predictable costs and lower capital requirements. Network as a Service (NaaS) can deliver this and ensure you also benefit from the latest network technology and innovations as well as the ability to ensure organisations can scale and reduce requirements in line with business demands.


SD-WAN is a transformative technology that offers organisations unprecedented control, agility, and efficiency in managing wide area networks. With its ability to optimise bandwidth utilisation, enhance security, and streamline network management, SD-WAN empowers organisations to embrace digital transformation, improve productivity, and deliver better user experiences across their networks.

Connectivity Options

FourNet’s Global Network Exchange (GNeX) gives you access to connectivity services that were once complicated and hard to reach, giving you speed and simple management. From dedicated leased lines and MPLS to point to point and FTTP, we have the solutions to ensure you are connected in the right ways to run your business.

Next Generation Firewalls

Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW) deliver a powerful solution that helps organisations manage security across the network more efficiently. They offer advanced features such as DPI, intrusion prevention, and application awareness. With AI and machine learning, NGFWs provide a more comprehensive approach to protecting your network.

Managed Services

We offer a range of Co-Managed and Fully Managed Services to support your teams across network and security operations. Fully supported by our SC & DV cleared UK-based team of engineers and security professionals we provide the resources and expertise to keep you safe & secure.

Secure Fabric

Our Secure Fabric solutions incorporate access & endpoint security, secure networking, cloud security, network operations and security operations into one common operating system and management framework. Our managed security services offer centralised management, deep analytics and automated remediation to keep your network, infrastructure and applications secure.

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