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ANTENNA is designed and built to support all UK Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) providers. Designated itself as Critical National Infrastructure, ANTENNA is a highly secure, reliable, resilient service which enables organisations delivering critical services to UK citizens to achieve digital advantage through innovative and agile digital transformation.

Introducing ANTENNA

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Designed in partnership with the Cabinet Office, ANTENNA has been trusted by UK Government departments demanding the highest levels of security, reliability and availability for over seven years. We are now able to offer ANTENNA services beyond Central Government to other providers of critical services to the UK population.

ANTENNA has been developed to support those organisations delivering the services that are essential for the country to function – and upon which daily life depends. This includes companies responsible for energy, water, electricity or telecommunications supply or organisations providing health, government or financial services, and which face higher barriers to digital transformation that other organisations.

Secure by design, ANTENNA offers CNI providers a trusted, reliable, highly secure service which helps deliver the UK government cyber security, digital and data, and national resilience strategies.

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In Partnership with the Cabinet Office

The ANTENNA programme was born from the vision of the Cabinet Office to create a shared service across central government for telephony, collaboration and contact centre services. The Cabinet Office saw a way that infrastructure could be shared with other departments and that by sharing equipment, not only could costs be reduced but service could be dramatically improved.

Always resilient, reliable and highly secure, we’ve evolved from a shared communications, collaboration and contact centre service for Central Government hosted in Tier 4 Government data centres, into a cloud platform for all organisations providing critical services to UK citizens. Offering a full range of market leading solutions, including networking, connectivity, cybersecurity, contact centre and citizen experience solutions, ANTENNA helps organisations digitally transform their organisations safely and securely.

"The ANTENNA programme was formed because we wanted to share our ICT infrastructure with other Departments in a way that’s not been achieved before. The approach taken by the Cabinet Office meant that by utilising existing equipment, we could reduce costs, improve service and provide expert support to Departments in a way that they’ve not experienced previously."

Malcolm Coates MBE Director of ICT, Cabinet Office

What Makes ANTENNA Different

Benefits of


Secure By Design, ANTENNA is hosted in high integrity, high security, low carbon Tier 4 UK Government Data Centres located in Westminster. The locations of the Data Centres are classified as Secret and are subject to PCNI security controls and protected by law enforcement. This means the sites are extremely secure, reliable and energy efficient. In order to access these sites our engineers need the highest-level of security clearance including UKNSV Security Checked (SC) and Developed Vetting (DV). ANTENNA adheres to all relevant government standards, with networks, systems, applications and end points protected; and constantly monitored by our 24/7 Security Operations Centre team.

Empowers Hybrid Working

ANTENNA enables employees and contact centre agents to work anytime, anyplace, anywhere with full mobility. Our connectivity provides the same levels of security whether employees are on site or remote.

Feature Rich

Our best of breed technology partners ensure ANTENNA offers a full suite of voice, mobile, contact centre, video, messaging and collaboration services aligned with the government’s Roadmap for Digital and Data. ANTENNA also provides world-leading network infrastructure and cybersecurity solutions, in line with the government’s Cyber Security Strategy.


ANTENNA offers the flexibility to quickly add or remove users and functionality. New users, moves and changes and additional functionality can be handled remotely either by our Service Desk, directly by your own team or via our IT Service Management tool (ITSM).

Quick to Deploy

ANTENNA’s cloud-based services are already deployed in government data centres and are on the Public Services Network (PSN). Services can be deployed and fully operational in a matter of days.

Easy to Buy

The ANTENNA service is cost efficient, tried and tested, easily procured and designed in line with the cross-departmental “buy once, use many times” approach. It’s available on the CCS RM6116 Network Services 3 (NS3) framework. For straightforward purchases, public sector customers can simply logon to the government’s eMarketplace and place a direct order.

Cost Saving

ANTENNA is a genuine shared service with all the economies of scale that this provides; delivered on an opex subscriber model, most government departments are seeing between 25% to 40% savings compared to existing services.

Business Continuity

ANTENNA provides disaster recovery and business continuity benefits as standard; agents and back office employees can be switched to remote working instantly; services can be redirected in the event of office closure or reduced staffing levels.

Legacy Transition

ANTENNA is designed to utilise legacy systems, while providing a technology roadmap in line with the Central Digital and Data Office (CDDO)’s cross-government cloud and technology infrastructure strategy. ANTENNA saves the taxpayer money, making government more efficient and sustainable with less waste, while enabling a simple, swift, and future proofed journey to cloud-based digital and data transformation.

Journey to Cloud

ANTENNA’s cloud technology can help improve the speed and effectiveness of government delivery, in line with The One Government Cloud Strategy (OGCS), providing increased security, agility, versatility and efficiency. Utilising legacy technology connected to a secure cloud infrastructure, government departments on the ANTENNA platform will save taxpayers’ money, while enabling swifter innovation as needs change and evolve.

New Networks

Hybrid working means more public sector employees working remotely more of the time, where permitted. That shift in working patterns raises security challenges, which have resulted in new networking requirements to guarantee secure access from anywhere. ANTENNA’s robust networking infrastructure comes with the highest network security, with systems, applications and end points all constantly monitored.

Managed Services

ANTENNA’s Fully Managed Service comes with a dedicated Central Government service desk, located in Westminster, manned full-time by the highest-level SC and DV cleared engineers and a 24:7:365 Security Operations Centre offering unrivalled cybersecurity and engineering expertise. Best of breed automated solutions also pro-actively monitor services, utilisation, capacity, network availability and hardware performance to ensure issues are resolved before they impact on service quality.

Citizen Experience

The government has committed, by 2025, to transform and improve outcomes in those critical services most used by citizens, businesses and civil servants. ANTENNA offers a data-led, outcome focused, digital by design, CX (Citizen Experience) consultancy package. The tailor-made data diagnostic service, delivered by an unrivalled team of sector experts, ensures government departments achieve the right outcomes by suggesting the most efficient, digitally inclusive, cost effective, flexible and sustainable solution to fit their requirements and those of citizens.

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