Who is ANTENNA for?

Critical National Infrastructure is classified as those facilities, systems, sites, information, people, networks and processes necessary for a country to function - and upon which daily life depends. These include chemicals, civil nuclear, communications, defence, emergency services, energy, finance, food, government, health, space, transport and water services.

Critical National Infrastructure organisations are under considerable pressure to solve major societal challenges. From the threat of climate change, the cost-of-living crisis, recovery from the pandemic, and the increased risk from hostile nation states; providers of services necessary for the country to function have never faced such a range of serious threats.

Because of their critical role to society and the high sensitivity of the data they often handle, achieving digital advantage for these high trust organisations is distinct from other sectors.

Failure to digitally innovate could result in an increase in cyber threats, economic disadvantage, and an inability to properly protect and serve citizens.

Digital Transformation for CNI providers

For those sectors delivering critical services, whether this is the delivery of government services, safeguarding the nation’s health and wellbeing or the delivery of financial services that are fundamental to the ongoing running of the nation; there is a much higher responsibility and duty of care.

The barriers to digital transformation are even higher in these sectors but the benefits of unlocking digital advantage are even more critical to protect and service the UK and its citizens now and in the future.

Secure by design, ANTENNA offers CNI organisations a trusted, reliable, highly secure service which assists high trust bodies in complying with UK government cyber security, digital and data, and national resilience strategies.


Emergency Services


Easy to Procure

The ANTENNA service is easily procured. It’s available on the G-Cloud and CCS RM6116 Network Services 3 (NS3) framework. ANTENNA is accredited to supply a full suite of communications, collaboration, cybersecurity, networking and contact centre services under the framework. Straightforward requirements can be purchased directly from the government eMarketplace. To discuss more complex requirements or how we can support you in delivering your digital transformation goals, please get in touch.

Inherently secure

Trusted & Accredited

We are ISO27001 and Cyber Security Plus certified. We adhere to the Cabinet Office Security Policy Framework, the National Cyber Security Centre guidelines and the UK NACE (UK National Authority for Counter Eavesdropping) standards. FourNet work in accordance with ISO14001, ISO20000 ITIL service desk standard, ISO45001 health and safety and ISO22301 Business Continuity Management.

How we Work

ANTENNA aligns people, process and technology behind a common vision.

Our consultants and business analysts will work with you to understand the business goals you are aiming to achieve, whether that is transforming your Citizen Experience (CX), redesigning your network to support new hybrid ways of working or delivering robust cybersecurity solutions.

We will share best practice from our current customers and will work with you to build your business case and demonstrate the value for money and ROI from implementing ANTENNA.