Fully integrated conferencing capabilities

Many government departments have multiple different solutions for different types of conferencing. They might have an audio conferencing service that they use to support large meetings, they typically have a web conferencing application that they use for webinars with screen and application sharing, they might have a separate infrastructure for video conferencing room systems, and yet another system or service for streaming large scale events. These all might be called unified communications, but it’s not particularly unified in any way – and all these separate solutions don’t necessarily work well together. ANTENNA brings everything together.

ANTENNA Conferencing


ANTENNA’s full suite of conferencing capabilities delivers an all-in-one platform supporting all the different modes of conferencing. Audio, robust web collaboration with an extensive feature set, rich HD video that’s multi-vendor room system interoperable, and event streaming to 500 users in an all-in-one cloud service. 

ANTENNA Conferencing provides an HD audio and video experience perfect for ad-hoc meetings or meetings that require extensive in meeting collaboration including moderator controls, a whiteboard, recording and playback, and video room system integration.  Also, WebRTC makes it easy for anyone to join without a download, creating a frictionless experience – especially for guests.


Seamless user experience

ANTENNA conferencing is available through both a browser and the ANTENNA App. Users do not need to download a web plug-in or app and can connect directly from Chrome or Firefox with WebRTC, since installing plugins is a huge pain point for end users – especially when inviting guests or casual users to a meeting.

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