Analytics, Adoption and Alerting

Monitor activity and present data: intuitive analytics enables you to access data the way you need it; gain insights into adoption, costs, billing, performance, capacity and usage.

Measure how your Unified Comms and Collaboration tools are utilised: observe users across multiple services highlighting areas for further adoption; measure engagement to calculate the ROI of your UC tools.

Monitor activity and notify exceptions: schedule alerts for toll fraud, malicious activity and security breaches.

ANTENNA Analytics provides you with the insight to fully capitalise on your Unified Communication and Collaboration investments.

Measure user adoption

Unified Communications (UC) technology can enable entirely new ways of working, creating huge opportunities to increase and drive collaboration but also bring significant changes to the way users interact. Without the right adoption strategy many unified communications deployments fail to reach their full potential with functionality under-utilised, or not used at all.

Measuring the rate of adoption and optimising the full functionality is key to driving adoption and calculating ROI. ANTENNA Analytics is built to measure all UC usage, such as personal video, softphone, instant messages, desktop sharing and file transfers.

By monitoring user adoption and providing instant dashboards and reports showing trends over time, ANTENNA Analytics can help inform your adoption strategy to fully captialise on your UC investment. By allowing users to clearly visualise the level of savings generated by the investment, the more they will engage with the new features and become their own champions for improving the way they work.



ANTENNA Analytics provides the data and modelling to deliver costs savings and capitalise on your telephony and UC investments.


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