Secure and quick to deploy

ANTENNA provides the highest levels of security for your communications and offers complete service reliability with 99.999% availability guaranteed; since ANTENNA was created in 2016 we have delivered 100% uptime of services.

ANTENNA can be implemented within extremely short timescales, adopting proven delivery and operational methodologies supported by the Cabinet Office and Crown Commercial Service governance. Users and administrators benefit from simple to use, transformational communications instantly.

Secure telephony with

Using Transport Layer Security (TLS) and AES 256 Secure Real-time Transport Protocol to encrypt communications, means your employees can communicate securely using whatever device they want, from wherever they are. is compliant with the Cabinet Office security policy framework, the National Cyber Security Centre and the National Authority for Counter Eavesdropping guidelines. We are ISO27001 and Cyber Security Plus accredited, guaranteeing the highest levels of security for your communications.

Features and Functionality


From simple, but secure, audio conferencing; through to fully integrated multi-department audio and video conferencing ANTENNA has a wide range of conferencing capabilities whatever your requirements. Our conferencing capabilities are fully integrated into our unified communications and collaboration platforms for a seamless user experience and full visibility of usage.

Fully integrated unified communications and collaboration capabilities

ANTENNA can provide fully integrated unified communications and collaboration capabilities, all managed via our Westminster service desk; one single point of call for all your communications and collaborations needs.

ANTENNA collaboration creates a frictionless experience for your employees and gives you the ability to set up teams who can collaborate seamlessly on any device, from anywhere.

Mobile: Secure, Auditable, Integrated

The new world of hybrid working means mobile phones are now an extension of the office. For that reason, compliance and governance requirements now need to apply across all devices: landline, soft phone and mobile.
ANTENNA mobile ensures that any organisation with compliance or governance obligations has the same auditability across their mobile estate as with their landline communications.

ANTENNA telephony services

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