The pandemic was a catalyst for entirely new ways of working. It accelerated the introduction of new digital tools, solutions and collaboration systems many of which remain a part of everyday life today.

Video calls, webinars, virtual meetings and conferences have become the daily norm. While some employees join from their desks or office meeting rooms, other join remotely from home or office hubs.

The latest collaboration tools, like Microsoft Teams delivered via the ANTENNA platform, help to bridge the hybrid divide. They also create opportunities to fill skills gaps, enabling those who might otherwise not be able to work in a central government role, to be able to do so.

ANTENNA understands the challenges and the opportunities of hybrid working and with our best of breed communications and collaboration capabilities, hosted on highly secure community cloud, delivers safeguards for employers and employee wellbeing.

The Future

Government is currently working to deliver a range of cloud, digital, data and cybersecurity outcomes in line with a series of recent strategies, from Net Zero and the Roadmap for Digital and Data, to the Cloud Guide for the Public Sector and Cyber Security Strategy among others.

ANTENNA, designed in partnership with the Prime Minister’s Office, helps to deliver on a raft of these strategic missions.

Simple procurement and the use of legacy equipment to provide a technology roadmap for the transition to secure, low carbon, community cloud via existing government infrastructure delivers value for money for the taxpayer, while reducing duplicative procurement and unnecessary waste.

Secure by Design, ANTENNA provides access across government to the very latest digital and data technology along with market-leading communication and collaboration tools like Microsoft Teams.

Coupled with data-led diagnosis from our Citizen Experience (CX) team, ANTENNA assists government to leverage its data better to power decision-making and to become more digitally efficient and effective for citizens.

Overcome Challenges

ANTENNA was designed, built and enhanced to help address many of the digital, data, networking, cybersecurity and cloud challenges facing central government and the civil service today.

How ANTENNA helps

Better outcomes
for citizens:

Under the Digital and Data Transformation Roadmap, the government has set out a series of actions to realise efficiency opportunities and deliver value for the taxpayer by investing in digital transformation to achieve the right outcomes. ANTENNA’s outcome-focused evergreen CX approach delivers continual data-led improvements to maximise benefits and outcomes for government and citizens.

By 2025, the aim is for at least 50 of the government’s top 75 identified servicesto move to a ‘great’ standard, against a consistent measure of service performance. ANTENNA’s Citizen Experience (CX) outcome-focused delivery uses detailed analysis and data diagnosis led by a team of sector-leading experts to ensure departmental goals and citizen expectations are met.

Better data to power
decision making:

Government departments are under pressure to make better use of data and far more effective data sharing. ANTENNA’s secure shared community cloud service enables better data sharing and collaboration between teams. ANTENNA’s outcome-focused evergreen CX approach delivers continual data-led improvements to maximise benefits and outcomes for government and citizens.

Secure, efficient and
sustainable technology:

Departments are strategically committed to “buy once, use many times” technology, with services expected to be compliant with a Secure by Design approach. ANTENNA’s technology more than fits the bill. It’s designated as Critical National Infrastructure and is therefore tested annually for resilience, and was designed with the highest-level security. It’s hosted in new, energy efficient data centres with a focus on sustainability. ANTENNA’s legacy transition expertise reduces unnecessary waste and provides a technology roadmap to cloud.

Cyber and financial security and data protection regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) introduced in 2018 which governs data privacy, place stringent security obligations on the public and private sector. ANTENNA is fully compliant. All our solutions are fully PCI DSS compliant for those government agencies that take citizen payments.

The ANTENNA team has the highest security clearance and the service is hosted from secure, accredited UK Government data centres with best-in-class security management.

Digital skills
at scale:

A significant challenge for the civil service is the need to address years of uneven progress and siloed development in individual departments which have led to varying levels of digital maturity across government, and a skills gap at all levels of the civil service. ANTENNA helps the government and civil service to bridge the skills gap with our Managed Security Services and 24:7:365 Security Operations Centre, offering unrivalled digital, cybersecurity and engineering expertise round the clock.

ANTENNA offers an integrated, omnichannel contact centre platform which allows flexibility for both citizens and employees. It provides flexibility and agility to respond to user requirements and demand. It caters for diverse workforces and workplaces, allowing remote working if necessary, with a seamless user and customer experience.

ANTENNA is easily scaled, to manage growth and change. And it’s future proofed – simple to upgrade and integrate new tools and applications, but at reduced cost because it’s shared.

As a result, it is a platform which delivers better ways of working, an enhanced customer journey and improved flexibility for your workforce.

That increased interconnectivity significantly heightens the risk of malicious attack and the potential for it to jeopardise trust and public confidence in government. With more than 450,000 civil servants, nearly half of whom work from home some or all of the time, the need for secure networking and cyber resilience is vital. ANTENNA is Secure by Design, designated as Critical National Infrastructure and tested annually for resilience, with networks, systems, applications and end points all constantly monitored.

Security updates and enhancements emerge regularly but with ANTENNA there’s no need to costly redevelopment. Shares services mean reduced outlay, while easily added applications and features help improve service delivery for citizens and employees. ANTENNA provides for anytime, any device communication, including via ANTENNA mobile, as well as resilient video conferencing via Teams.