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The switch to homeworking and the exponential growth of unified communications applications has seen dramatic changes in mobile phone usage. Rather than using their mobile to make calls employees are switching to integrated unified communications applications and VoIP calls. Rather than using mobile data to access applications while out of the office or commuting they are relying on home WIFI.

ANTENNA mobile provides access to the most cost effective calling and data plans on the market. Our managed service will analyse usage on a monthly basis and suggest changes in tariff that can be reviewed or automatically implemented to save money on mobile bills. We integrate this with our fixed line and unified communications analytics services to provide you with a holistic view of all your communications spend.




gigabytes of unused data in the UK as homeworkers switch to WIFI (Uswitch)



UK businesses overspending on mobile services (Billmonitor)



UK businesses spending more than twice what they need to on mobile services (Billmonitor)


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of businesses on the right mobile tariff (Billmonitor)

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