Use ANNA to enable self-service or escalate complex issues

ANNA enables citizens to engage in a text or conversational experience instead of negotiating menus and forms. ANNA can determine what a customer wants, and will decide the best course of action to successfully resolve the issue. ANNA enables you to improve agent availability and at the same time reduce agent attrition by automating simple, repetitive customer issues freeing agents to deal with more emotive or complex queries.

The future of self service


of all customers attempt to take care of matters themselves before reaching out to a live representative - Harvard Business Review


of customers interactions can be resolved by well-designed bots - Accenture


of customers interactions will involve chatbots, ML and Mobile messaging - Garner


of consumers want easier access to self-serve solutions for customer service - Ovum

How it works

Our professional services team will work with you to identify
the issues resulting in the highest call volumes and analyse
how these can be handled by an automatic chat bot.
Complex issues can then be triaged by ANNA and
passed onto an agent.


Use Cases

COVID queries

Let ANNA answer high volumes of enquiries relating to changes to processes as a result of COVID. Allow customers to self-serve on simple queries and easily escalate complex or emotive issues to assisted service or direct to an agent.

Request Form

ANNA can easily direct citizens to the right forms or processes on your website or knowledge base thereby freeing agent time to focus on helping citizens with more complex needs.

Request Balance

With automated ID&V processes, using voice biometrics and natural language processing, citizens can securely confirm their identity and then answer simple queries like balance of payments.

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