July 14, 2021

HMCTS Service Centres – making a real difference

Zoe Blake, Delivery Director for Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals talks about how ANTENNA has helped the Courts and Tribunals Service Centres respond to queries more quickly and reliably, reducing the time to handle some cases from 75 weeks to 20 weeks. 

The Service Centres have handled over a million queries in the last couple of years, the new ANTENNA solution collects emails, webchats and calls on queries, and connects them together. The technology allows HMCTS to respond more effectively to demand, and make services more efficient.

ANTENNA provides better tools for Service Centre staff to handle queries, ensuring they always have the information they need at their fingertips, helping them provide a useful response as soon as a query comes in. 

Follow the link to find out more:  https://insidehmcts.blog.gov.uk/2021/06/28/beyond-the-numbers-how-our-service-centres-are-making-a-real-difference/