Deliver value for money for taxpayers with increased efficiency

Automate repeatable work

Identify, prioritise and automate the most resource-intensive, repetitive tasks in contact centres and back offices to free up agent time using Robotic Process Automation.

Enable citizen self-service

Empower citizens to quickly and easily self-serve via their channel of choice using AI powered knowledge bases, voice IVR and digital chatbots.

How ANTENNA helps:

Our Unified Communications and Collaboration solutions consolidate everything government employees need to connect, share, and work together via the same streamlined interface.

Our omnichannel contact centre platforms provide a “single pane of glass” to your agents, giving them visibility of a citizen’s entire history of engagement and interaction in one view, reducing time switching between systems and applications and increasing first time contact resolution.

Our Gamification tools can also improve agent satisfaction and competitiveness between teams and individuals.

We utilise best-in-class Knowledge Management solutions to deliver the relevant answers and insight to your agents or directly to citizens via self-service options.

ANTENNA’s Intelligent Managed Services mean you can let us run your communications infrastructure while you focus on running your department or agency.


Assist agents and back office

Ensure your agents and employees have all the information they require without the need to switch between systems, with AI powered virtual assistants based on integrated CRM and knowledge bases.

How ANTENNA helps:

Automation of mundane, repetitive tasks within the contact centre using RPA can both enable citizens to self-serve and can free agents to focus on higher-value activities.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) enables your contact centre systems to learn, using intelligent routing to pair citizens with the right employee based on predicted interpersonal behaviour.

AI powered chatbots or virtual assistants can deliver full self-service to the public or enable assisted service, triaging queries and allocating them to the right agent where necessary.

All ANTENNA solutions are built on flexible, cloud platforms based in highly secure government data centres that are future-proof.


Direct queries to right place, first time

Increase First Call Resolution with AI powered Intelligent Call Routing to direct incoming calls from voice, social or digital channels to agents who are best suited to resolve these enquiries.

How ANTENNA helps:

ANTENNA helps government agencies simplify and modernise their compliance infrastructure for regulations like GDPR and PCI.  Our solutions use automation, encryption and analytics to better engage with citizens, reduce risk, and avoid fines and reputational damage.

Resource allocation

Empower employees and avoid under-resourcing. Workforce Management solutions deliver scheduling efficiency by precisely forecasting demand while offering greater employee flexibility.

How ANTENNA helps:

Our flexible cloud-based platforms enable departments to trial new innovations, test and learn, modify and then roll out and scale new services quickly. Our Unified Communications solutions can help power innovation within departments and cross-government and allows employees to quickly and easily collaborate, work agilely and remotely and enable further government innovation.

Facilitate cross department collaboration

Seamlessly enable back-office support for customer facing employees with one integrated collaboration solution ensuring quicker response times for customers and exceptional efficiency gains.

How ANTENNA helps:

ANTENNA’s Unified Communications and Collaboration solutions provide the platform that empowers employees and the civil service to work together seamlessly and instantly.

Our flexible cloud-based platforms enable capacity to be instantly scaled up to trial new services or deal with increased demand. The modular nature of our cloud solution means that new features, functionality or communications channels can easily be added.