Deliver data led, outcome focused, technology enhanced citizen journeys

Digital channel shift

The pandemic rapidly accelerated the adoption of digital channels. The post pandemic world has seen a shift in attitudes, from simply digitising the existing citizen experience to entirely reimagining it from a digital first perspective.

Diversifying your touch points with citizens by enabling technology such as speech recognition, artificial intelligence (AI) and chatbots can be an effective way to quickly resolve issues without putting too much strain on your contact centre. Technology helps by minimising long call waiting times, enabling the citizen to resolve issues themselves and educates customers on how to resolve issues themselves when they can.

The use of AI, chatbots and other advancing technologies can be a simple and cost-efficient way to offer convenience to customers and improve overall customer experience. All the while allowing your agents to dedicate more of their time to customers who require additional support.

Growing citizen expectations

Citizens’ expectations have been influenced by their engagement with world leading retail CX brands who radically redesigned their online influence in recent years. Citizens now expect the same levels of excellence from their interactions with every organisation, including government departments.

If that’s not possible then they expect longer, more convenient opening hours.

In general, citizens also have less tolerance nowadays for lack of available contact and support when, where and how they want it. They expect a swift response to their queries or problems: 66% of the public expect a response the same day, while 40% expect a reply within an hour.

Multiple channels

Channels of choice continue to expand and proliferate, with apps, webchats, AI chatbots, avatars and more. Citizens want different channels for different types of engagement, and they expect to be remembered across all channels.

They are generally happy for their data to be used to ensure they are dealt with as individuals not just as ‘another citizen’, and for their previous history and preferences to be known so they can be offered assistance swiftly. That means agents need access to past interactions and details.

Front-office & back-office alignment

Citzens are demanding that their issue be resolved at first contact but many engagements need to harness back-office subject matter experts to resolve their queries.

They also assume that contact centre agents have visibility of their previous exchanges using various methods of communication.

Nearly two thirds of citizens change their contact channel depending on where they are and what they are doing at the time. But they expect the same, consistent attention no matter how they get in touch.

Diverse systems

While being more and more conscious of their data and what is being done with it, citizens care that their details are stored in multiple different internal systems. They expect an integrated experience based on a complete history of their interactions with your department, and others.

Uneven and increased demand

Peaks and troughs in demand can make it difficult to properly resource your teams with enough capacity to offer a great citizen experience during busy periods, but without resources lying idle when demand falls.